Cameron |Newborn Portraits | Stillwater, MN

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He was the best sleeper!  It was a dream to photograph him.  I was able to move quickly through a number of set ups and he slept right through it all.

I do want to point out that two of the shots below (one in Dad’s hands in the helmet and the Teddy bear hat) are composites.  Hands were on the baby at all times during those shots and through the power of photoshop, I removed the hands.  Newborn safety is always the number one priority and I will not take a chance with a Baby to get the shot, Ever!

2016-08-26_0027 2016-08-26_0028 2016-08-26_0029 2016-08-26_0030 2016-08-26_0031 2016-08-26_0032 2016-08-26_0033 2016-08-26_0034 2016-08-26_0035

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