Baby Paige | One Year Old | Stillwater Baby Photographer

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Yes, time moves too fast and I think most Moms would agree with me.  It does not seem that long ago that I shot this little peanut as a newborn (Check out her birth announcement). She is definitely one tough baby.  From being born in the car to having corrective surgery for her club foot, she has been through a lot in the past year.  Even though there have been a couple bumps in the road, she has alway been extremely content, giving everyone the most beautiful smile.

The day we took these photos it was in the 90’s with humidity near 100 percent.  It took my camera the better part of a half hour to defog coming from the a/c to the tropical outdoors.  We were dripping by the end of it and despite all efforts, the frosting for the cake was super soft.  In the end it was all worth it.

Happy Birthday Baby Paige!

2015-09-16_0001 2015-09-16_0002 White Bear Lake Photographer2015-09-17_0006 One Year Old Cake Smash 2015-09-17_0004 Cake Smash 2015-09-17_0002Baby Portraits

Fall Mini Sessions

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Here are the details for both mini sessions I am offering this fall.
Family Mini Sessions $125 & Halloween Mini Sessions $40

The session times are first come first serve. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Fall Family Mini Sessions 2015-2

Purchase your session here:

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Halloween Mini Sessions 2015-3

Purchase your session here:

Complete the Contract here:


Please contact me with any questions.  Payment must be made in full to secure your spot.  All digital files will be transferred via online gallery directly to your computer (no CD).


Email me with any questions.

The Workshop

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Earlier this summer, I had an opportunity to attend a newborn workshop in St. Cloud taught by the lovely Amanda Andrews, a newborn photographer from Idaho.  Attending a newborn workshop has been on my to-do list for a while now, but as a small business owner I have had to wait until the budget was right (although my husband thinks differently ;).  A total of three newborns came in throughout the day.  We were able to watch Amanda’s work flow and techniques.  I know most have you have heard/read this from me, but newborn photography is very different from any other type of photography.  Not every photographer is cut out to be a newborn photographer.

I have been mainly self taught (books and online videos, in addition to learning on the job), so it was refreshing to learn from someone who has a lot of experience with newborns specifically.  I have already made some changes in my studio and workflow, which has helped the newborn sessions.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the workshop, including a couple behind the scene.

2015-08-02_0002 2015-08-02_0003 2015-08-02_0004 2015-08-02_0005 2015-08-02_0009

Sisters | Cottage Grove Newborn Photographer

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I had not been in business long, when I received a flier on my door regarding a deal to have my furnace serviced.   I called the number to schedule the service.  The male on the other end apologized stating that he needed to call me back as he was just bringing his brand new baby home.  He went on to explain that he was a ‘one man show’ .  I stated that I totally understood as a small business owner myself.  When he asked, I explained that I was a photographer who specialized in newborns.  He and his wife ended up booking a Baby’s First Year session for their daughter.  Her newborn session was done in my basement and her one year old shoot was in my dining room at my new house (while the studio was under construction).

When I received the call that they were expecting their second and planned on booking me for the Baby’s First Year session, it made me very thankful for the wonderful people that I have met as a result of my little business.  To have wonderful clients, like Jessica and Mathias makes all the painful tasks that go along with owning a small buisness worth it.

Baby Korrin was amazing to work with.  She slept very soundly during the session and as a result I was able to get some amazing shots.  Her older sister was very cooperative and helpful, which is not typical for her age.  Grandma came along, so we included her in a couple shots also.


The first photo below is big sister as a newborn.

Big Sister in 2012

Big Sister in 2012

2015-07-08_0001 2015-07-08_0002 2015-07-08_0003 2015-07-08_0004 2015-07-08_0005 2015-07-08_0006 2015-07-08_0007

Vincent’s First 48 & Newborn Portraits

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This little dude is an absolute peanut and completely beautiful (yes, even boys at this age are beautiful!).  I had the pleasure of going to the hospital shortly after he was born and witnessed how many people are completely in love with this little guy already.  He was born into an incredible family.

Him and his parents then came to the studio after he was released from the hospital for his newborn portraits.  It’s amazing how small he looks in his Dad’s arms.


Witnessing this kind of love is one of the best parts of my job.  2015-04-17_0009





Newborn portraits







Newborn Hospital photography

Fresh 48 portraits

Charlotte | Newborn Session |Grant, MN

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This little peanut is already 2 months old and I know her Mom wanted to send out birth announcements, so I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. She was a very content baby during her session and although she didn’t sleep terribly long, we still got some great shots both awake and asleep. It was very cool to see how in love her parents were with her already. She is a beautiful baby.







Meet Christoph | 7 days new | Stillwater Newborn Photographer

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This was the last baby of 2014.  He was a perfect Christmas present for his parents.  He kept me on my toes for this session, but I did get some sleepy shots.  I absolutely loved his dark, thick hair.

Details for newborn session.

2015-02-09_0004 2015-02-09_0005 2015-02-09_0006 2015-02-09_0007

We are related you know!

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Ok, so we aren’t related, but I have found that a side effect of having red hair is that people think that if you have red hair you must be related (even when you look nothing alike).  Although I know I don’t look like these two, I would be flattered if I was told this, because they are beautiful.  Who wouldn’t want a little girl with red curls!

Playing a little catch up still from this fall, here are a couple of my favorites from this mini session.

2015-02-09_0001 2015-02-09_0002 2015-02-09_0003

Sam’s 2014 | Newborn | Six Month | Nine Month

This little guy is almost one year old!  He has visited me several times over the last year and will be back in a couple weeks for his first year photos.  This kid is incredibly happy and loves smiling.  The last time I photographed him with his parents, I tried to have them get his attention to get him to giggle while he was looking at them.   He kept looking at me giving the biggest smiles.  It’s really precious.

Here are some favorites from his newborn, 6 month and 9 month/family photos.

2015-01-03_0007 2015-01-03_0008 2015-01-03_00092015-01-03_0013 2015-01-03_0012 2015-01-03_0011 2015-01-03_00102015-01-03_0014 2015-01-03_0015



Cousins and Cake

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So I have been photographing this little girl since before she was born (maternity).  This time her cousin and his sisters joined us and since they have birthdays close together, we decided to make the mess all at once.  She was all about the cake while her cousin wanted nothing to do with the mess.  It was super cute to watch the different personalities.  This shoot happened last spring, but it was too much fun not to share and since I’m playing catch up from the long website building process, there will be a couple older shoots.  2015-01-03_0001 2015-01-03_0002 2015-01-03_0003 2015-01-03_0004 2015-01-03_0005 2015-01-03_0006