Newborn Twins | Stillwater Newborn Photography

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Where do I start…

….the beginning is usually the best.  This is the story behind these two angels in their Mother’s words:

After 7 years of hoping, praying and trying for a baby, our prayers were answered with TWO miracles!  7 years…10 inseminations…1 failed adoption…and 4 rounds of IVF.  It was the most treacherous path to our amazing destination.  The years of procedure after procedure, medications, monthly charting, excitement and let down all got us to this final page.  It’s a sad story with such a happy ending!  Meet Austin Joe and Amelia June…

The session:

Photographing a newborn is a monumental task that takes time, experience and patience.  Photographing twins is double the fun and can be very intimidating.  So far the twins I have photographed have been rockstars and these two did not break my streak.  To set the picture, the session happened on a day that the high temperature for the day was below zero, meanwhile in the studio it was 82 degrees.  We spent around four hours capturing all these poses, while taking time to feed and change the babies.  With twins you just have to expect that pretty much everything will get pooped and peed on (one of many reasons I make sure all my props are washable), so a couple backdrop changes were mixed in there also.  By the end we were all sweating (babies were happy as could be) and ready to walk outside into the freezing temperatures.

Newborn Video:

A few of my favorite portraits from the session:

Newborn Twin Photography_0082 Newborn Twin Portraits_0083 Newborn Twin Photographer_0084 Newborn Photography_0085 Newborn Photography_0086 Newborn Photography_0087 Newborn Photography_0088 Newborn Photography_0089

Interested in your own portrait session?  More details here.

And Babies make Four! Maternity Portraits

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Twins!  I know it’s hard to believe that she is carrying twins in these pictures.  The story behind these babies is incredible.  These parents have been waiting seven years.  With permission, I’ll share a little of their journey when I post the newborn photos (guess what, I’m editing them right now, their twins rocked the newborn session!).  In the meantime, here are a couple of mine and their favorites from the session.

newborn-photography_0057 newborn-photography_0058 newborn-photography_0059 newborn-photography_0060 newborn-photography_0061

Paxton | Newborn Photographer | Stillwater, MN

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He definitely decided to one up his three older siblings in the hair department!  Got to love newborns with a full head of hair.  During the session with most newborns, I learn little quirks about them, which way they prefer to sleep, turn their head, etc. With this little guy, it was obvious that he was the fourth child as he slept a whole lot better with noise and not just white noise, but the very loud level of noise that comes from his siblings playing.

newborn-photography_0047 newborn-photography_0048 newborn-photography_0049 newborn-photography_0050 newborn-photography_0051 newborn-photography_0052 newborn-photography_0053 newborn-photography_0054 newborn-photography_0055

Senior Portraits with the Family | St. Paul Senior Portrait Photographer

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I don’t typically do many senior portraits, but when I do get a chance it’s a nice change of pace from the babies.  She will be graduating in the class of 2017.  Check out her session!

2016-08-26_0036 2016-08-26_0037 2016-08-26_0038 2016-08-26_0039 2016-08-26_0040 2016-08-26_0041 2016-08-26_0042 2016-08-26_0043 2016-08-26_0044 2016-08-26_0045

Cameron |Newborn Portraits | Stillwater, MN

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He was the best sleeper!  It was a dream to photograph him.  I was able to move quickly through a number of set ups and he slept right through it all.

I do want to point out that two of the shots below (one in Dad’s hands in the helmet and the Teddy bear hat) are composites.  Hands were on the baby at all times during those shots and through the power of photoshop, I removed the hands.  Newborn safety is always the number one priority and I will not take a chance with a Baby to get the shot, Ever!

2016-08-26_0027 2016-08-26_0028 2016-08-26_0029 2016-08-26_0030 2016-08-26_0031 2016-08-26_0032 2016-08-26_0033 2016-08-26_0034 2016-08-26_0035

Rolls for days | 6 month old |Stillwater Baby Photographer

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Rolls, anything and everything in the mouth, and a little drool, everything you would expect from a six month old and this little one did not disappoint.  Her cheeks are amazing.  There is something about this age that is always fun.

2016-08-26_0019 2016-08-26_0020 2016-08-26_0021 2016-08-26_0022 2016-08-26_0023 2016-08-26_0024 2016-08-26_0025 2016-08-26_0026

18 Month Old Explorer | Baby Photographer | St. Paul

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This little one just wanted to explore and so we just let him.  I enjoy catching the personality.

2016-08-26_0012 2016-08-26_0013 2016-08-26_0014 2016-08-26_0015 2016-08-26_0016 2016-08-26_00172016-08-26_0018

Maternity Portraits | Stillwater Maternity Photographer

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I have had several maternity portrait ideas floating around in my head for a while and was itching to find someone who was willing to trust me.  Emily was game and I had a blast trying out several new ideas on her.  I also want to point out that I did very little editing on Emily.  She is definitely a natural beauty, pregnant or not.  Let me know what you think!

2016-08-26_0005 2016-08-26_0006 2016-08-26_0007 2016-08-26_0008 2016-08-26_0009 2016-08-26_0010 2016-08-26_0011

Little Sister is One Year | Stillwater Children Photographer

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Playing a little catch up on the blog over the next couple weeks.





Seven Months Old | Stillwater Children Photography

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The ROLLS stage is my second favorite to photography next to newborns.  This stage is so short before they start crawling and loose the baby fat.  Korrin was an easy baby as a newborn and she hasn’t changed much in that regard.

Baby's First Year Baby's First Year Baby's First Year Family Photography Baby's First Year Baby's First Year