The Photographer

I’m Beth–mother to two of the coolest little dudes ever.  Oh, did I mention photography geek?  Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it–I can bore you with technical talk all day.  If you have problems sleeping give me a buzz and you will be snoring in no time.

My infatuation with photography began when I was a young tot, ok, maybe not.  As a teenager, I started taking pictures of my surroundings–my towheaded brother riding a bike, the old bridge spanning the St. Croix River, the lilacs in spring, the family dog, and anything else that caught my eye. Back in my “dark room” days it was exciting to see how the photo would actually develop. In the photo lab, the importance of taking a great shot became clear.  Now that I shoot with with a digital camera, a lot can be fixed in photoshop, but a quality photo starts with a quality shot.  My education is a mixture of college courses, workshops, and a lot of practice.

With the birth of my first son the passion for newborn and children portraits was also born.  I have come a long way from my first attempts at photographing him as a newborn.  Newborn sessions are unlike any other type of portrait sessions.  It takes an incredible amount of patience and knowledge to get ‘the shot’ while keeping the little one safe, warm, and happy.  Countless hours have been spent honing my newborn portrait skills.

Over time, I have realized that my style is simple, timeless set-ups.

When photographing your family it’s about the details–the face that your little one makes mid giggle, their tiny hand grasping your finger, the smile they save for only you.  Rather then telling them to say cheese, I will be acting like a goof to make them comfortable to capture those moments.

As this is a part-time adventure for me (right now), I only take on a couple shoots a month.  I want to make sure that each client gets everything they were looking for in the photo shoot and more.  Don’t be fooled by the part-time, the experience is a hands-on full service adventure.  I do not settle for second best with anything from the service I offer to the products.